From the land where it all started!

From the land where it all started.. JAPAN! The car that you will see belongs to a guy called “Yu” that lives in a place around Tokyo and is 33 years old. Yu build his car for circuit but he uses it also as a daily car to go to the supermarket or work. He started driving a civic when he was 20 years old.

His first civic was a 92-95 model (EG) and after that he also had a 88-91 civic (EF) and now he has this awesome  civic EK (96-00). You can say that he drove all the ‘most famous’ generations of Civics.  When you look at the first picture you immediately see  that it’s build for track use. The first thing most of you notice is that the wheels have big white letters on it and on the  driver side is a safety net.

When you look close you will see that he decided to ride on two different models of wheels. The front wheels of the car 
are Volk TE37 15 inch and on the back Regamasters. Two very nice models if you ask me!! The tires on this car are semi slicks
from Yokohama, Advan A050. That gives the car the perfect grip when needed in high speed cornering on the circuit. He
placed original parts from the Type R Model (EK9) on it like on the front and rear bumper lip and even the front bumper. 
The Ek9 spoiler (what in my opinion the best looking spoiler is for a EK) makes the car even looking beter! This all together gives the 
car a really aggressive race look.


To go fast over a track with a civic you can put a fast motor in it, but that’s not all you can do. Yu pulled everything out 

the back of his car to make it a light weight car. A lot of people do this to improve handling. There is nothing of the

 interior left. The backseat is removed just like the side panels, carpet, spare tire and everything else you can imagine! The front

 of the interior is still there, so when you drive the car it’s still a little bit ‘comfortable’. Yu told me: What i don’t need… needs 

to be removed! For more safety and stability when driving Yu got a Bride bucket seat with a 4 point harness.

I asked him what he has done to the engine. The answer was: Nothing. But that’s because it is also his daily driven car!

But with all of that weight reduction the car is still a real track monster! 

The engine is a B16A VTEC engine which delivers 170HP.

The strong engine plus a light weight body makes the car handle good and fast on the track!

Where normally the bumper strips are on the back Yu made holes in the same style and a little bit lower another one to

reduce air resistance. This makes the car faster when Yu tries to put down a good time the track.


I told him that I appreciate his work and that his car is a good inspiration.

Also I want to thank Yu for the pictures that he made for me so we could make this repo about his car!


There is another thing I wanted to thank him for. I asked him where I could order the “Honda Primo” front window

sticker because they don’t sell those in Holland. He ordered one for me at Osaka JDM (some of you people might be familiar

with it) and send it to me! And if that not al… Yu send me some more cool things from Japan!!

Text: FJ
Photo: Yu Mizunashi (Owner of the car)