Jean-Yves (BE)


Did you ever met someone which has all the “affordable” dream cars u always wanted? Well, i do. In July 2013 i went to the EE meeting at the Nürburgring with my pal Vincent. This meeting is organized for the 4th generation CRX & Civic vtec models. At this event i met a guy called Jean-Yves. He got my attention not only for his kindness but because he brought two of his gems to this event. 


Jean-Yves is from Belgium and has some cool cars. Most of his cars are RHD Japanese and rather unique! He has a small business in second hand JDM parts. So if you ever need rare JDM stuff you should contact him! 


 Lets start with my personal favorite, the CRX! The CRX is an original Japanese EF8 model. I have never-ever seen a more beautifull CRX then this one. It’s so clean, perfect stanced and o “gawd” that colour is sexy!

One of rare options of this CRX is the glass top roof. This option was only available on the Japanese models. Some other options are the Supersound speakers, parking pole, folding mirrors, AC and LSD!  


The other 4th generation model Jean-Yves owns is an Civic EF8. In combination with the Sprint Hart CP-R wheels it is a real eye-catcher! This Civic is also equipped with some rare OEM parts like a dash mat and a trunk cover. The EF8 has only driven 76000 miles, so it is still as good as new. He also owns a European EE8 Civic. This is going to be a track car.


Now we have seen his 4th generation cars we are moving on to his other JDM cars. Yes, two are not enough. He also owns a very small and a very big Honda, from a 660cc 3 cylinder to a 2.4L VTEC engine! Were the biggest Honda has place for 7 people but Jean-Yves doesn't even fit in the smallest Honda.  


Lets start with the 7 seater, the Honda Odyssey. A very big and luxurious car. He bought this car for the future because you don’t want to take your children with you in a CRX. With a K24 engine it still has enough power to ride along with traffic. But Jean-Yves wouldn't be Jean-Yves if he still had some crazy plans with it. He is going to put in a K26 Brian Crower engine just because soccermom van! 



 The smallest of the four is the Honda Today. This is a Japanese Kei-car. This type of a car is designed to comply with Japanese government tax and insurance regulations. With a 660cc 3 cylinder it is not a performance car and you don’t buy it because of the space but it sure is a cool car for the collection!  


Four Honda’s and they are all very different. JDM or EDM, big or small, 4 cylinder VTEC or 660cc 3 cylinder, stance of function… One thing is sure they are all very neat and in very good condition!  

If you thought he had his hands full with these cars then you are wrong. Besides this cool collection of Honda’s he is also working on a Nissan.  

In his garage he also has a Nissan GTR R34. Plans: a 1000+HP RB26. At this moment there is no engine in the car because they are building the engine and making sure the car is ready for all the power. With the personalized plate GTR 034 it will sure look very cool on the roads! 


In his garage you also find alot of bumpers, wheels, cool collectibles and even an oldskool Dodge! You can say Jean-Yves is a real car enthusiast with a passion for Japanese cars. Besides that he is also very kind and a true friend! Thanks Jean-Yves for showing your awesome collection and hope to see you alot more on the meetings!  






Bonus pics: