Not Just a Juke

A 850 HP, Veyron killing car... you're probably thinking about a Ferrari or a Lamborghini but it is something completely different. It is a Nissan Juke R! The guys from Shpilli-Villi Engineering came up with the idea when they saw the Juke R from Nissan. They accepted the challenge to build a Juke R themselves that would be faster.


They disassembled the two cars and made it into one car. Then they installed some safety equipment like a roll cage, race seats and safety belts. The engine can get to 850 HP, depending on which fuel is availible.

Shpilli-Villi already proved that the Juke is multifunctional. It has already driven at the Nürburgring and Zandvoort, it competed at te Gymkhana Grid and patricipated at the Unlim 500+ a couple of times. in THIS video you see the juke racing against a Veyron!

Every time the Juke goes to another place they put it in a trailer.

We have already seen a number of tuning project failing and also this juke had some technical issues. A couple of months ago it crashed into a wall and the juke was heavy damaged. Within 2 weeks the juke was repaired and ready to race again.

After the repair the juke looked a bit weird with an unpainted bumper. So the people from Stickerdump came with an idea to give the Juke a new look. And they did a great job! They got there inspiration from a Indian headdress. In combination with the red Volk TE37 wheels it looks really good!

The sticker “No Gamma No Drama” is about the accident a few months ago.

We would like to thank Shpilli-Villi and especially Misha for the opportunity to shoot some pictures from this supercar