The final exam – Rene’s his Opel Rekord-Comodore CarAvan

Opel was for over 32years the best selling brand in The Netherlands, with decent good looking and reliable cars Opel was the brand for the hardworking middle-class people.


It became a part of the dutch history a brand that would be driven from father till son.The Rekord one of the largest on the market in those

days and was build like a true workhorse with reliable 4 cylinder engines and lame base models, while the Commodore was the luxurious
edition of the Rekord offered with big 6cylinder engines and full option interiors.

This particular Rekord/Commodore is owned by Rene Schleigh who always drove the small Opel Corsa equipped with turbo or 2.0 16v
engines untilhe decided to do something completely different. He imported a stock Opel Rekord CarAvan which was owned
by a old guy from Germany back in 2008.


He fell for the boxy shape, the muscular but yet simple looks and offcourse his love for Opel which he had since he was young…

But offcourse he couldn’t leave it stock and after he imported the car he put it on Dutch registration plates and the car went inside for
4.5years preparing his ultimate dream machine.

The work started and one of the first things he took care of was making the car handle and look more impressive, to get the look 
he desired parts from different models were used.

For handling he went for the firm rear axle from a Opel Commodore C with a 45% limited-rear differential, while the front suspension is
taken from a Opel Senator A and Koni yellow with lowering springs are responsible for the nice stance this car got.

The front is build up from different Rekord and Senator parts while he custom-made the
clear white sidemarkers himself.

A sporty and functional yet comfortable interior was equipped, nothing was overdone and it was matched to the time spirit of
this amazing car. Rene did a dashboard conversion from the Senator A and equipped Recaro seats from the Opel Monza,
while cruising around it gave a very solid and well equipped feeling for a car this age.


  The most insane thing about this car is the engine it’s a 4.0 straight 6cilinder 24v which is build by Irmscher, Opel’s in-house tuner 
those days. It’s based on the stock 3.0 24v engine that they sold in the Omega/Cavalier, Irmscher took that engine and converted 
them to 4.0 litter engines which pushed out 286bhpp and 396nm of torque(291 ft-lb).


 Like that wasn’t enough Rene also tweaked the engine with a stainless exhaust system and air filter, I500 cams and a EMS chip. The power 
is transmitted to the rear-wheels through a BMW Getrag 5speed gearbox which has a custom clutch build for this car.

 Not everything underneath the bonnet is build for power but it also had to look good, the engine-bay has been resprayed and wiretucked, 
all the rubber hoses which lead the gasoline to the engine has been replaced with copper-lines and braided hoses for oil-return lines.


…My personal view…


 I love this car because of the nostalgic feeling that hangs on to it, the big Irmscher banner on the side, 

the wide german style wheels with lip and darkened hart, the color scheme white with black accents. He build the car that way, that it could roll
out of the showroom in the middle of the 80′s as a upgraded model.


 The fact that he took parts from different cars and models and sometimes had to make stuff custom just to complete his own car says 

enough…This car is than more just a slammed car with nice wheels. It’s Rene’s love, passion and history with cars put in one car. From when he was a
child and his dad also drove Opels for safe and reliable transportation – Onto when he was a young adult and he used to drive fast and small
Opel Corsa’s build for the street and races – Onto this a car from a brand which became a part of his Lifestyle, something that really fits him and
would be his trophy on his car career. It’s Nostalgic-Fast-Unique-and one of the last true Opels with rear wheel drive.




i would like to thank Rene for letting me get to know this awesome and unique car and wish him all the best in the future!